• Section I Presentations and Notes on “Dialectics of Organization and Philosophy: ‘the party’ and forms of organization born out of spontaneity”

  • 1. In Lieu of Minutes of REB Meeting of August 5, 1986 on Executive Session.

    Excerpts from presentation by Dunayevskaya, August 6, 1986. Also included here is a copy of “In Lieu of REB Minutes” as marked-up by Dunayevskaya, May, 1987.

  • 3. Presentation by Dunayevskaya to the REB on Dec. 1, 1986.

    On “A Whiff of the New Book in relation to the Changes in the Editorial Statement…” Also included here is original draft of presentation by Dunayevskaya.

  • 4. The Year of Only 8 Months.

    Mimeographed bulletin published by News and Letters Committees Jan. 12, 1987. Includes: Report to the meeting of the Expanded Resident Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees, Jan. 3, 1987 by Raya Dunayevskaya; report during discussion by Eugene Walker, Managing Editor of News & Letters; an exchange of correspondence between Raya Dunayevskaya and non-Marxist Hegelian scholars. Copy here includes marginalia by Dunayevskaya, and her “Talking to Myself” letter of Jan. 21, 1987, which she appended to this bulletin. Also includes original contents page for Dunayevskaya’s Jan. 3, 1987 talk, and excerpts from her “Dear Friends” letter of Jan. 13, 1987, on the Bulletin.

  • 5. Presentation by Dunayevskaya to the REB on March 23, 1987.

    On “What has happened to our projection of Marxist-Humanism — that a difference seems to have emerged in two aspects of the dialectics of organization between 1) the concept, and 2) organizational growth as a ‘practical question’?”. Also includes excerpts from “Dear Friends” letter of March 24, 1987 on the presentation. Marginalia on both documents made by Dunayevskaya, May, 1987.

  • 6. Presentation by Dunayevskaya to the REB on April 20, 1987.

    On “Why a Special Supplement on ‘Why Phenomenology? Why Now?’” Also includes excerpts from “Dear Friends” letter of April 21, 1987 on the presentation.

  • 7. Presentation by Dunayevskaya written for REB meeting of June 1, 1987,

    and characterized by her as “Pre-pre-Post Plenum, i.e. Executive Session Type of Talk”. This manuscript, which Dunayevskaya had prepared for oral delivery, was not checked by her for presentation in written form. It is included here in two forms: 1) as published in a mimeographed bulletin by News and Letters Committees in November 1987, and 2) as originally prepared by Dunayevskaya on June 1, 1987. Also included is a “reading outline” for the talk by Dunayevskaya on June 1, 1987.

  • B. “Talking to Myself”: Dunayevskaya’s Notes for the “book-to-be”

    In June, 1986, Dunayevskaya began writings of a new kind for the book-to-be, which she variously called “Talking to Myself”, “Random Thoughts”, or just “Notes”. As she sought to deepen new philosophic insights for her work on “Dialectics of Organization and Philosophy”, she re-examined her own body of ideas on Hegel, Marx, Lenin and Marxist-Humanism. Some of the documents are drafts for works later developed in another form; others contain material Dunayevskaya discussed only here. These documents are presented as Dunayevskaya left them. They have not been edited, nor were they checked by Dunayevskaya for publication in any written form.

  • 1. Random Thoughts #1. Written in this form June 26, 1986.

    Developed from an earlier letter on philosophy and organization in the Iranian Revolution, written May 5, 1986. On Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind (1807) as “ground for the Absolutes”, including Hegel’s “three final syllogisms” (1830) added to his Philosophy of Mind.

  • 3. Talking to Myself on the first (12/12/60) Notes on Phenomenology of Mind. Written about Sept. 25, 1986.

    A critique of Dunayevskaya’s own 1960 study of Hegel’s Phenomenology, and comments on a 1982 symposium at L’Université d’Ottawa (Canada) on the meaning of Hegel’s “Absolute Spirit”.

  • 4. Notes on Louis Dupré’s article “Hegel’s Absolute Spirit: A Religious Justification of Secular Culture”

    in Revue de l’Université d’Ottawa (Vol. 52, No. 4), 1982. Written about Sept. 26, 1986.

  • 5. Notes on Dialectics of Liberation pamphlet.

    Dictated by Dunayevskaya Sept. 29, 1986. Marked-up by her and noted as “uncorrected”. A view of the path to writing Dunayevskaya’s 1960 Notes on Hegel’s major works, and of their reception within News and Letters Committees.

  • 8. Talking to Myself on mathematics and science in Hegel, in Marx, in Russia of the 1930s and today.

    Written Nov. 5, 1986. First page missing. Followed by “Some very Rough Notes for a Letter if I will decide to write one, to Robert Cohen”.

  • 10. Talking to Myself in relationship to all the people (who have done research for Dialectics of Organization and Philosophy).

    Written Nov. 14, 1986. On studies on Marx by Johnston, Cunliffe and Rossanda; on studies on Lenin by Service; on Lasalle and Mehring; on Pannekoek and Mattick.

  • 11. On Third Attitude to Objectivity.

    Written Nov. 15, 1986. On paragraphs 62 through 78 of Hegel’s Encyclopedia Logic. Another document on “Third Attitude to Objectivity” was written by Dunayevskaya on Nov. 7, 1986. It is missing.

  • 13. Very Rough First Look at what I might develop for Dec. 1 REB.

    Written Nov. 15, 1986. On “the new that is being combined at one and the same time, of 1) transforming News & Letters into a biweekly, and 2) seriously plunging into a new kind of book on the Dialectic of Organization AND Philosophy”. Marginalia on this document are by Michael Connolly.

  • 14. No title. Notes on “Methodology”, from the divergence between Marx and Engels, through the attitudes of Luxemburg and Lenin on the dialectic, to Marxist-Humanism’s view.

    Written about Nov. 15, 1986. Also includes fragment by Dunayevskaya of much earlier notes on methodology — comments on a page of CLR James’ 1948 work, “Notes on Dialectics.”

  • 17. Substitutionism, or Theory/Philosophy.

    Written Dec. 17, 1986. On “the party” and philosophy in “post-Marx Marxism”. Includes also one page fragment on this question as taken up in Dunavevskaya’s Marxism and Freedom.

  • 19. Random Thoughts on 2 Responses to my Letter on the Idea of Cognition by Dupré and G.A. Kelly.

    Written Jan. 5, 1987. On letters received by Dunayevskaya from Hegel scholars Louis Dupré and George Armstrong Kelly.

  • 20. Talking to Myself. Written Jan. 21, 1987.

    A 1987 view of Dunayevskaya’s 1953 letters on Hegel’s Absolutes. This is the only one of the “Talking to Myself” documents mimeographed and sent to friends for individual study.

  • 22. No title. Notes on research by Eugene Walker on Marx and the First International,

    given to Dunayevskaya in Dec. 1986. Written Feb. 20, 1987. Singles out Marx on women’s liberation and on the trade unions.

  • 25. Post-Marx Marxism as a pejorative: why did it take till the end of Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution (RLWLKM) before it was so expressed…?

    Written March 9, 1987. Quotation from Hegel on “artificer” has been removed, and now appears in April 3 document.

  • 27. What is Marxist-Humanism? How to Project it at Momentous Historic Moments?

    Written March 16, 1987. Review of Dunayevskaya’s three major books and their projection by News and Letters Committees; on concept of Absolute “as new beginning”. Notes for presentation by Dunayevskaya to her secretaries.

  • 30. (From 3/16/87) Why Phenomenology? Why Now? What is the Relationship either to Organization, or to Philosophy, not Party, 1984-87?

    Written in this form April 3, 1987. Notes for a projected Part II of “Why Hegel’s Phenomenology? Why Now?” Part I was published in News & Letters, May 8, 1987.

  • 31. No title. Notes on Pannekoek, especially letter from Pannekoek to Chaulieu (Castoriadis), dated Nov. 8, 1953.

    Written April 4, 1987. Includes discussion of research by Peter Wermuth on Pannekoek and Mattick.

  • 32. On Organization.

    Written April 5, 1987. Notes on research by Eugene Walker on Marx and the First International in the period of the Paris Commune, and by Michael Connolly on the Spanish Revolution of the 1930’s.

  • 35. Talking to Myself: Crucial on Book, yet 1953 as concept vs. experience.

    Written May 13, 1987, and May 18, 1987. On the dialectics of philosophy as unseparated from the dialectics of organization. A discussion of Hegel’s Phenomenology and Marx’s Critique of the Hegelian Dialectic from the vantage point of Marxist-Humanist organizational questions of 1987 and the 1953 letters on Hegel’s Absolutes.

  • 36. Another Talking to Myself, this time on what has happened since “Not by Practice Alone”, 1984-87.

    Written May 19, 1987. A review of new developments in Marxist-Humanism since Dunayevskaya’s July 1984 presentation to the News and Letters Committees Convention, and a discussion of Hegel’s three final syllogisms in his Philosophy of Mind.

  • 37. New Beginnings, Historic Turning Points, Great Divides.

    Handwritten May 24, 1987, but not dictated until May 28. Includes a first outline of “parts” for Dunayevskaya’s presentation for the June 1, 1987 REB meeting, and a review of research by colleagues on Marx and organization.

  • 39. No title. On the “residue of the intellectual sloth that followed the death of Lenin”, and on “Organization and becoming practicing dialecticians”.

    Fragment of a larger document, written May 25, 1987.

  • 44. On Form of Presentation, Talking to Myself.

    Written May 29, 1987. Notes on the form of the June 1 presentation and the “meaning of the global crisis, and not abstractly, but organizationally, i.e. its philosophic ground.”

  • 45. Part I: The Philosophic Moment — Marx, Lenin, Hegel, Marxist-Humanism 1953. Part II: Organization and Books: Why 1987? On Lukacs and Arthur 1986.

    Notes written May 29, 1987. On the 1953 Letters on Hegel’s Absolutes; on “the books and the moment”.

  • 47. “Conclusion” for June 1, directly, finally, on the question of “where to” with the biweekly.

    Written May 30, 1987. This is a different final section than that actually written on June 1, 1987 for the final draft of the presentation.

  • 48. 1953: The Philosophic Moment re: Organization, and therefore also re: Paper.

    Written June 6, 1987. Notes handwritten by Dunayevskaya June 6, 1987 while in the hospital. Written on the back of her Oct. 1982 Political-Philosophic Letter “On the Battle of Ideas”, which she had included in both the June 1 presentation and her last “Theory/Practice” column for News & Letters.

  • A. Reagan’s attacks in the Gulf of Sidra and Marxist-Humanist Perspectives

  • 1. Special. Special. Special. A preliminary Marxist-Humanist Statement on the Last 48 Hours.

    Written March 27, 1986. On Reagan’s attacks against Libya in the Gulf of Sidra and “the practice of Marxist-Humanist Perspectives”. Written by Dunayevskaya while she was hospitalized with a broken leg.

  • 2. Dear Colleagues letter.

    Written by Dunayevskaya April 10, 1986. On the relationship of the U.S. assault in the Gulf of Sidra to the “historic roots of global counter-revolution” as seen in 1936-37 in Spain; and on organizational response to moments of crisis.

  • 3. Pre-pre-Convention Bulletin: Responses to the March 27 ‘Special/Special/Special’ and Raya’s April 10 Letter to Colleagues.

    Published by News and Letters Committees, May 1, 1986. Bulletin includes introductory letter of April 28, 1986 by Dunayevskaya on “organizational responsibility for the philosophy of Marxist-Humanism”; letters from Kevin A. Barry and Peter Wermuth to Dunayevskaya in response to her earlier letters; comments on the current crisis and Marxist-Humanist response by Felix Martin. Copy included here is Dunayevskaya’s; she appended her letters of March 27 and April 10 to the bulletin. Marginalia on cover and on last pages is by Dunayevskaya.

  • 4. Official Call for Convention.

    Written June 1, 1986 and signed by “Resident Editorial Board” of News and Letters Committees. Principal author was Dunayevskaya. A first, preliminary, view of Marxist-Humanist Perspectives for Convention to be held Aug. 30-31, 1986.

  • 5. Marxist-Humanist Draft Perspectives, 1986-87.

    Written June 17, 1986, and signed by “Resident Editorial Board”. Principal author was Dunayevskaya. Copy included here was printed in News & Letters, July, 1986.

  • 6. Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 1986-87.

    Written by Dunayevskaya for presentation to 1986 Convention of News and Letters Committees, Aug. 30, 1986. Copy included here is Dunayevskaya’s, with marginalia added May, 1987.

  • B. Revolutionary Journalism of Dunayevskaya in the pages of News & Letters

  • 1. Lesotho coup, Savimbi and Reagan.

    A brief analysis of the Reagan-Botha agenda for Southern Africa, written Feb. 16, 1986 as part of presentation by Dunayevskaya to the first in a series of “Workshops/Classes” on “Current World Events and the Dialectic Method”. Copy included here published in N&L, April, 1986. Also included is brochure for the workshops.

  • 3. Open letter to Paul Buhle.

    Written May 1, 1986. An exposé of “wide-ranging distortions of the history of the State-Capitalist Tendency” in oral history interviews by Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs, as recorded by Buhle’s “Oral History of the American Left” project. Copy included here published in N&L, June, 1986. Also included here is an exchange of letters between Dunayevskaya and Fred Shelley, written May 18 and May 26, 1987, on Buhle’s book, Marxism in the USA.

  • 5. In Memoriam — Joe Giganti.

    Written about July 26, 1986, and published in N&L, Aug.-Sept., 1986. Giganti was president of Charles H. Kerr, the socialist publishing house, and a comrade of Dunayevskaya in labor struggles of the 1920s in Chicago. Also included here is Dunayevskaya’s letter to Annette Giganti, written Sept. 26, 1986.

  • 6. Ongoing world revolts and economic crises challenge superpower grip.

    Lead article in Oct. 1986 N&L written about Sept. 16, 1986. Developed by Dunayevskaya from her “Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 1986-87”.

  • 7. Reagan, Gorbachev in Iceland: all things fall apart.

    Lead article in Nov. 1986 N&L. Written Oct. 22, 1986. An analysis of the collapse of the Reagan-Gorbachev “pre-summit” in Iceland, and the question of science in Russia. Also included here are Dunayevskaya’s “Notes from the Speeches of Gorbachev”, summaries of New York Times reports in Oct. 1986, and her “Dear Friends” letter of Oct. 14, 1986, written as the summit collapsed.

  • 8. Reagan’s imperial presidency: The shocking liaison of US-Iran and the need for a biweekly N&L.

    Editorial statement by Dunayevskaya written Nov. 25, 1986, and published in N&L, Dec. 1986. On the emerging Iran-contra scandal, the “changed world” of the 1980s, and the need to increase the frequency of appearance of N&L.

  • 9. Star Wars from the skies: Reagan’s Grand Illusion.

    “Theory/Practice” column in N&L written about Jan. 14, 1987 and published in the first biweekly N&L, dated Jan. 30, 1987. Developed from Dunayevskaya’s report to the Jan. 3, 1987 meeting of the Expanded Resident Editorial Board of News & Letters:

  • 10. Whither China?.

    “Theory/Practice” column written Feb. 10, 1987, and published in N&L, Feb. 27, 1987. On the Dec. 1986 demonstrations in China — their roots and ramifications for the future. In preparation for this column, Dunayevskaya created for herself extensive notes on the context of the crisis in Deng’s China, beginning Jan. 20, 1987 and continuing through Feb. 17, 1987; these notes are included here. Also included is a letter written by Dunayevskaya to Kevin A. Barry on Feb. 17, on the possibility of publishing her essay in another journal.

  • 11. Two of a kind: Reagan and Gorbachev and their bipolar world.

    “Theory/Practice” column written in two parts — March 14 and March 28, 1987. Published in N&L issues of March 27 and April 10, 1987. Included also are Dunayevskaya’s drafts for the first column. These are dated March 8 and March 13, 1987.

  • 12. Why Hegel’s Phenomenology? Why Now?.

    A Special Supplement in N&L, May 8, 1987. Includes 1) New Introduction by Dunayevskaya, written May 1, 1987, on the todayness of Hegel’s Phenomenology; 2) Dunayevskaya’s original “Notes on Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind (Geist)”, written Dec. 12, 1960; 3) “Further comments on Hegel’s concept of tragedy”, from a letter written by Dunayevskaya Nov. 17, 1968. One paragraph was added May 1, 1987 to the original 1960 Notes. This paragraph concerns Hegel’s citation, in the Science of Logic’s chapter on “The Idea of Cognition”, to the Phenomenology’s section on “Spirit Certain of Itself: Morality”.

  • 13. Russia’s latest play is no freedom road.

    “Theory/Practice” column written May 5, 1987, and published in N&L May 22, 1987. Sub-titled “Cultural thaw is not restoration of history”, the column takes up a new play by Mikhail Shatrov, “The Peace Treaty of Brest-Litovsk”. Included here are drafts for the column written by Dunayevskaya May 6 and May 8, 1987.

  • 15. On political divides and philosophic new beginnings.

    “Theory/Practice” column written by Dunayevskaya from her hospital bed on June 5, 1987. A re-examination of her Oct. 1982 Political-Philosophic Letter entitled “On the Battle of Ideas: Philosophic-Theoretic Points of Departure as Political Tendencies Respond to the Objective Situation”, in light of her new work on “Dialectics of Organization and Philosophy”. This is the last writing Dunayevskaya prepared for publication. (For the text of the 1982 letter, see #7486.)

  • C. Writings to Colleagues and Friends on Revolutionary Forces – the Black Dimension, Workers, Women, Youth – and the Force of Philosophy Within Each

  • 1. Presentation to the REB on New Edition of Frantz Fanon, Soweto and American Black Thought,

    Jan. 12, 1986. Discussion of what is new in this 1986 edition of the pamphlet by Lou Turner and John Alan originally published in 1978. Dunayevskaya’s presentation centers on the new Introduction written by Dunayevskaya, Turner and Alan, and on the new Appendices on Negritude and on the 1983 events in Grenada. Included here also is Dunayevskaya’s draft of her presentation. (For the text of the 1986 edition of Frantz Fanon, Soweto and American Black Thought, see #10528.)

  • 2. Dunayevskaya letter to John Alan,

    written Jan. 17, 1986. On the text of the new “Introduction/Overview” to Frantz Fanon, Soweto and American Black Thought, signed by Raya Dunayevskaya, Lou Turner and John Alan.

  • 3. Dunayevskaya letter “to all organizers”,

    written Jan. 22, 1986. On publication by Criticas de Economica Politica (Mexico City) of excerpts from Dunayevskaya’s Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution; on new correspondence on the Middle East; on the “new” in the new edition of Frantz Fanon, Soweto and American Black Thought.

  • 7. Dunayevskaya letter to Neda Azad,

    written May 5, 1986 (excerpts). On revolution and counter-revolution in Iran and Hegel’s development from Phenomenology of Mind to his three final syllogisms, written in 1830. Also included here are excerpts from Dunayevskaya’s draft of her letter to Azad.

  • 8. Remarks by Dunayevskaya at REB meetings of July 1 and July 28, 1986.

    On the Black Dimension in Marxist-Humanism. Includes discussion of Dunayevskaya’s experiences in Black freedom struggles in the 1920s and 1940s.

  • 9. Suggestions for Terry’s report.

    Notes by Dunayevskaya for Terry Moon, as part of a dialogue on a draft of Moon’s report to be given to a national meeting of Women’s Liberation-News and Letters Committees, Aug. 29, 1986. Letter written July 28, 1986. Marginalia are by Terry Moon.

  • 11. Youth of the ‘80s, Youth of the ‘60s, in a Changed World.

    Dunayevskaya’s notes for her speech given Oct. 30, 1986 at University of Illinois-Chicago. This presentation, and another one at Northern Illinois University on April 13, 1987, entitled Youth of the 1980s, Youth of the 1960s: The ‘Other America’ and the Idea of Freedom, were her last public appearances. Also included here are reports on both meetings by student journalists in The Chicago Illini and The Northern Star. (Wayne State University Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs holds videotapes of both of these meetings in their photographic archives.)

  • 14. Dunayevskaya letter to Ron Brokmeyer,

    written Dec. 25, 1986. On “absolute contradiction in science as in everything”; on Dunayevskaya’s discussions on cybernetics and unified field theory, 1950-53.

  • 15. Dunayevskaya letter to “Dear Colleagues”,

    written Jan. 26, 1987. On “the current outburst of ever-present racism” in the U.S. and its “absolute opposite”. Discussion of how to commemorate Black History Month in N&L.

  • 17. Notes on William Blake

    sent to Kevin A. Barry and Peter Wermuth for projection to a student who had asked Dunayevskaya about Blake when they met at Dunayevskaya’s lecture at Northern Illinois University. Notes written April 22, 1987.

  • A. Dialogue with “Non-Marxist Hegel scholars”

  • 1. Correspondence between Dunayevskaya and George Armstrong Kelly (1932-1987).

    Letters of Sept. 26, Oct. 6, and Dec. 8, 1986 and April 17, 1987. Correspondence centers on 1) Dunayevskaya’s new view of the relationship between the “Idea of Cognition” as Hegel expressed it in the Science of Logic and as he re-stated it in the smaller Logic, and the interpretation of both by Lenin in his Philosophic Notebooks; 2) on Hegel’s “Third Attitude to Objectivity” in the smaller Logic, and its relation to organization — of the Church and of thought.

  • 2. Correspondence between Dunayevskaya and Louis Dupré.

    Letters of July 3 and Sept. 15, 1986, Feb. 16 and March 26, 1987. Dunayevskaya’s inquiries to Dupre concern the same subjects as those she had raised with G.A. Kelly. Dupré also comments on the discussion of his review of Dunayevskaya’s Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution in the pages of News & Letters.

  • 3. Correspondence between Dunayevskaya and Arnold V. Miller.

    Letters of Nov. 17 and Dec. 12, 1986. Correspondence concerns Miller’s translation of the last four paragraphs of Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind (Spirit), and Miller’s assessment of the Wallace translation of the Encyclopedia Logic, especially the section on “Third Attitude to Objectivity”. Included here is Miller’s translation (unpublished) of the final four paragraphs of Hegel’s Philosophy of Mind (Spirit).

  • 4. Dunayevskaya letter to Warren Steinkraus,

    written May 27, 1986. On the divergence between Hegel’s discussion of the “Idea of Cognition” in the Science of Logic and in the (smaller) Encyclopedia Logic, and on Lenin’s interpretation of both.

  • B. Dialogue with Marxist-Humanists on the Hegelian-Marxian Dialectic

  • 1. Dunayevskaya letter to Olga Domanski

    written Jan. 30, 1986, on “private enclaves” and the critique of them in Hegel’s Science of Logic and in Lenin’s notes on the chapter on “Life” from that work.

  • 4. Correspondence between Kevin A. Barry and Dunayevskaya.

    Letters of June 15 and June 20, 1986. On the “Idea of the Good” in the Science of Logic, and Lenin’s view of it; on Dunayevskaya’s correspondence with Herbert Marcuse in Vol. XII of the Raya Dunayevskaya Collection.

  • 6. Dunayevskaya letter to Michael Connolly

    written Sept. 26,1986. On her new work on the dialectic in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind; on Dunayevskaya’s plans to re-print her 1960 Notes on Phenomenology, with a new Preface by her.

  • 7. Correspondence between Kevin A. Barry and Dunayevskaya

    (excerpts). Letters of Sept. 28 and Oct. 2, 1986. On Hegel’s critique of religion; on post-World War II “sociology of religion”. Includes also quotation from Hegel’s Briefe.

  • 10. Eugene Walker letter to Dunayevskaya

    written Jan. 26, 1987. On Dunayevskaya’s new perceptions of Lenin’s philosophic ambivalence and their relation to her 1953 Letters on Hegel’s Absolutes. Marginalia on letter are by Dunayevskaya.

  • 11. Michael Connolly letter to Dunayevskaya,

    written March 31, 1987. A comparison of the German original, the Baillie translation and the Miller translation, of the last paragraph of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Mind. Marginalia on letter are by Dunayevskaya. Also included here is Dunayevskaya’s one-page comparison of the two translations, with her notes.

  • 12. 1986-87: New illuminations on the philosophic expression of Marxist-Humanism.

    A guest “Theory/Practice” column on Dunayevskaya’s recent work written by Eugene Walker, and published in N&L, April 24, 1987.

  • 13. Correspondence between Kevin A. Barry and Dunayevskaya.

    Letters of June 1 and June 4, 1987. On his reading of Dunayevskaya’s special supplement in N&L on “Why Phenomenology? Why Now?”; on the need for a “literary agent” for her Marxism and Freedom and Philosophy and Revolution. Marginalia on letter of June 1 are by Dunayevskaya.

  • C. On the Marxist-Humanist Body of Ideas and its expression within Women’s Liberation: Reviews and Correspondence

  • 1. Living the Revolution.

    A review-essay on four books by Raya Dunayevskaya, written by Adrienne Rich, and published in The Women’s Review of Books, (Amherst, Mass.) Sept., 1986. Rich’s essay topic encompassed Dunayevskaya’s newly-published Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution, as well as her three earlier books — Marxism and Freedom, Philosophy and Revolution, and Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution. After the publication of the review, Dunayevskaya initiated a correspondence with Rich. Included here are letters of Sept. 18, 1986, and Jan. 24 and Feb. 4, 1987.

  • 3. Review of Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution by Diane Lee,

    published in Sage: A Scholarly Journal on Black Women, (Atlanta, Ga.) Vol. III, No. 1 (Spring, 1986). Also included here are letters by Dunayevskaya to “Dear Sister-Comrades”, written Jan. 3, 1986, on Lee’s review; and April 8, 1987 to Sage editors, on Dunayevskaya’s activity with Black women. The April 8 letter contains a discussion of Black working women’s critique of Simone DeBeauvoir’s The Second Sex.

  • 4. Review of Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution by Michelle Landau,

    published in off our backs, (Washington, D.C.) March, 1986. Also included here is a letter from Dunayevskaya to Landau on her review, written March 10, 1986.

  • 5. Correspondence between Dunayevskaya and Meridel LeSueur.

    Letters of April 4 through April 25, 1986. On LeSueur’s reading of Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution, and on her own life experience as a radical in the Midwest; on the concept of “retrospective/perspective”; and on the international women’s conference in Kenya.

  • 9. Feminists et revolutionnaire,

    essay on Dunayevskaya’s view of Rosa Luxemburg, as seen in Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution. Essay by Kevin Anderson, was published in Rosa Luxemburg aujourd’hui, in France, 1986. Developed from comments at a conference on Luxemburg in Paris, May, 1983.

  • 11. Review of Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution, by Flora Crater,

    published in The Woman Activist, (Falls Church, Virginia), Jan. 1987. Also included is an exchange of letters between Crater and Dunayevskaya, written Jan. 18 and Feb. 3, 1987.

  • 13. Review of Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution and Women’s Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution, by Kevin Anderson,

    published in International Labor and Working Class History, (New Haven, Conn.), No. 31, Spring 1987.

  • 14. Marxist-Humanism: Perspectives on Labor.

    A special issue of the Quarterly Journal of Ideology, Vol. 10, No. 4, 1986. This special issue includes an article by Dunayevskaya, “Unchaining the Dialectics of Revolution: American Roots and Marx’s World Humanist Concepts”. Also included in this issue are articles by Zagorka Golubovic, Kevin Anderson, Lou Turner, Ron Brokmeyer, Terry Moon, David Ranney and John Dwyer.

  • 1. The Myriad Global Crises of the 1980s and the Nuclear World since World War II,

    a pamphlet written by Raya Dunayevskaya and published by News and Letters Committees in August, 1986. This work includes 1) Dunayevskaya’s “Introduction/Overview” to Vol. 12 of her archives, entitled Marxist-Humanism: A Half-Century of World Development. This essay was written Feb. 28, 1986, with a “P.S.” added on April 10, 1986. 2) “Thirty Years of News & Letters”, an essay first published in three parts in the pages of N&L (July 1985, November 1985, March 1986). Here it is published with Dunayevskaya’s final revisions and in full. On p. 2 of the pamphlet is a “Note from the author”, (which did not appear on any of the earlier publications of either essay), on the title of the pamphlet.

  • 2. Dunayevskaya letter “to all organizers”,

    written Jan. 8, 1986. On the forthcoming “Workshop/Classes” in current events and the dialectic method, and on Dunayevskaya’s Dec. 29, 1985 presentation, “New Beginnings that Determine the End”.

  • 5. The Trail to the 1980s from the 1880s: Marx’s New Moments and Those in Our Age,

    written April 22, 1986. Presentation by Dunayevskaya as sixth and final lecture in “Workshops/Classes”. On “history in the making”, on dialectics and the relationship of objective to subjective. This lecture, originally available only on videotape, was reproduced in this form for the 1986 Convention of News and Letters Committees.

  • 6. Remarks by Dunayevskaya at REB Meeting of May 12, 1986.

    Comments on Vol. XII of her archives and points of departure for today; on “how long it took to penetrate to the Absolute Idea, the process.”

  • 8. Hegel’s Absolute as New Beginning,

    by Raya Dunayevskaya. A “News & Letters Reprint” of a paper by Dunayevskaya given at the 1974 meeting of the Hegel Society of America. Originally published in Art and Logic in Hegel’s Philosophy, edited by Warren E. Steinkraus and Kenneth L. Schmitz (Humanities Press, 1980). Reprint published by N&L, July, 1986. Also included here are comments by Dunayevskaya on the reprint, from a “Dear Friends” letter written July 18, 1986.

  • 9. The Black-Red Conference.

    A News and Letters Committees Reprint of the proceedings of a conference originally held in Detroit, Michigan, Jan. 12, 1969. Bulletin includes: Welcome by Charles Denby; Introduction by Ray McKay; Presentation by Raya Dunayevskaya, on her work-in-progress, Philosophy and Revolution; excerpts from the six-hour discussion. Reprint published August, 1986. Also included here are comments on the reprint by Dunayevskaya, from a “Dear Friends” letter written May 29, 1986.

  • 11. Dunayevskaya letter to “Dear Colleagues”,

    written Nov. 3, 1986. On the “very near disappearance from our vocabulary of the phrase ‘organizational growth’”. Marginalia on the letter were made by Dunayevskaya in May, 1987.

  • 14. Presentation written for “Humanism and Marxism” session of the Midwest Sociological Society,

    written by Raya Dunayevskaya about April 15, 1987. On the development of the idea of Marxist-Humanism out of the theory of state-capitalism. A review of the period from World War II to the 1980s.

  • 15. A Post-World War II View of Marx’s Humanism, 1843-83.Marxist Humanism, 1950s-1980s. Article written by Dunayevskaya, May 1, 1987, for publication in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Socialism, to be edited in Yugoslavia. Included here is the original text of the article. An abbreviated version was published in N&L, July 25, 1987. Also included here are two early drafts for the article, written by Dunayevskaya on April 4 and 28, 1987.

  • Volume XIII concludes on # 11627.